Manufacture of power (0.4 kV) and building automation distribution boards, up to the 3200 A distributors, with our own workforce, since 1992.

According to the principles of our company, and focusing on fair and responsible business behaviour, we strive to perform quality work from quotation to finalising the implementation.

  • Manufacture
  • Additional warranty
  • Special requests
  • Types used
  • Certificates
    • Thanks to our reliable work, we have become one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the market.
    • On a yearly basis, we manufacture 250-300 fields, most of which are standing.
    • All professional qualifications and material conditions (rail bending press, perforator) required for the manufacture of distributors are met.
    • In addition to the implementation of our own building automation solutions, we manufacture control panel for other systems as well.
    • We also deal with industrial controls and if required, we install various PLCs for supply switching and gear shifting.
    • As part of our additional warranty service, we provide up to 5 years of warranty, in conditions of regular maintenance, on the systems we install.
    • We operate a 24-hour on-call system to prevent and solve potential failures at short notice.
    • We are also able to meet extraordinary demands. Our portfolio of references includes stainless steel distributors for Arab oil wells, Siemens demo suitcases for the Industria exhibition and test distributors for testing finished equipment.
  • During manufacture, we use the following types:

    • Distribution board: Rittal, Schneider Prisma Plus, Schneider Spacial, Siemens, Eaton, ABB
    • Integrated components: Schneider Electric, Siemens, Eaton, ABB
    • Common auxiliary materials: BTR, Omron, Wieland, Finder, Phoenix Contact
  • Our certifications, which reflect our expertise and reliability:

    • “SIEMENS Certified Equipment Manufacturer”, 2002

      We are the only company in Hungary that is certified to integrate SIEMENS building automation or PLC components into distributors containing SIEMENS components.

    • “Preferred Schneider Electric Service Partner”, 2005.


Distribution boards


For the distribution board manufacturing related quotation requests, our technical preparation team, depending on the plans, project materials and information received, will do its best to give a quotation within 1 week.
In our industrial sector, there are no similar quotations, each project is different, requiring unique solutions.
Nevertheless, we need to have the single line or flow wiring diagram of the distribution board to be able to prepare the quotation as quickly as possible, with as many technical details as possible.
To implement unique requirements, our colleague responsible for preparing the quotation always consults with the party requesting the quotation.
During an on-site visit, considering the needs and possible extra requests of the Customer, we clarify and specify the information received, in order to be able to supply a distribution board that really works well and provides maximum technical content.
This joint work is always followed by concluding a contract.


Our equipment manufacturing team consists of experienced design engineers and mechanics. We can serve our Customers in an efficient, quick and flexible manner.
Before commencing distribution board manufacturing, the design engineer and our technical preparation team drafting the quotation discuss the details of the project, its technical and economical requirements, and the possible pitfalls. The design engineer consults the Customer, and based on their requirements, we order the requested components for manufacturing the distribution board or ask for the best proposal from the suppliers.
During assembly works, our trained and experienced distribution board constructors build the assembly boards, creating the best possible aesthetic arrangement for the technical requirements. In case of high performance distributors, they employ rail technologies compliant to standards, make the wiring on the basis of the plans, and also connect possible devices on the door. Should there be any errors in the plans, our staff is often able to detect and correct these on the basis of its many years of experience. The required machining operations of the distribution board covers (cut-outs for gauges and touchpads) are made by our electric locksmith colleague.
After manufacturing, we test each distribution board according to the MSZ EN 61439 standard with a sequence of certain steps, which is documented by the responsible technician in a test record.
We create the documentation required for the finished product by the standard, which is handed over to the Customer.
During each distribution board manufacturing project, our aim is to supply an operational, error-free product.


During the long years of operation, distribution boards need inspection and maintenance in order to ensure their functionality. By regularly maintaining the distribution boards and by preventing related damage, malfunctions, partial or total shutdowns, and the resulting production or financial losses can be avoided.
By paying attention to regular maintenance, operational costs can be significantly reduced in the long run.
Our maintenance staff, based on its professional experience, is able to perform specialist maintenance tasks of distribution boards, and to instantly replace the required parts. Furthermore, they provide advice on modifications and changes, scaling up, and extension of the system made necessary during operation. They use company vehicles, therefore, they can arrive at the site and start the troubleshooting process in a short time.
Our unique service is heat camera based diagnostics, which enables us to provide an even more accurate picture of abnormal heat emissions of distribution boards, electric devices, and the status of electric cabling and transformers. A great advantage of heat camera based assessment is that we can perform it during operation, in industrial conditions. This makes it possible to schedule and optimise the time and costs of maintenance and repairs, helping prevent failures.