Our company deals exclusively with the trade, maintenance and service of Defensor (Condair) humidifiers.

  • Defensor (Condair)
  • For public use
  • For industrial use
  • Why do we recommend Defensor (Condair) humidifiers?
    • An extremely reliable brand recognized worldwide
    • Based on a hygienic principle of operation
    • High control accuracy (+-1%)
    • Can be operated with any kind of water (tap, soft or hard water)
    • Regular maintenance increases the life of the humidifier
    • The so-called lime collector bag makes maintenance quick and easy
    • State-of-the-art and modern appearance
  • Defensor (Condair) spray humidifiers:

    They ensure lower dust formation and provide controlled humidity, which contributes to maintaining the quality of items in the room.

    • Defensor 505 humidifier
    • Defensor ABS3 humidifier

    Defensor (Condair) evaporator humidifiers:

    They are economical, easy to handle and create a hygienic environment..

    • Defensor PH15 humidifier
    • Defensor PH28 humidifier
  • Defensor (Condair) steam humidifiers:

    The masters of steam humidifying – thanks to the special decalcification program, maintenance is made easy and ergonomic.

    • Condair RS (Defensor MK5) humidifier