Reliability and quality

A strong, stable and continuously growing player in the Hungarian building automation market since 1992, our objective is to ensure that our systems meet the long-term needs of owners and operators in a cost-effective manner.

Distribution of our service areas

Building automation
Electrical installation of buildings
Equipment manufacture
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  • Social Responsibility
  • The predecessor of our company operated as the automation service of the Elektromos Szövetkezet (Electric Cooperative) in the mid-1970s. We represented Staefa, Cerberus, Defensor and Westinghouse as their warranty service in Hungary.

    1992: Our company split from the Elektromos Szövetkezet (Electric Cooperative) and was transformed into an Ltd. At this point, ELSZÖV owned 51% of the company.

    1994: ELSZÖV-Automatika Kft. was passed into the full ownership of its workers

    1996: We concluded official contractual partnership with Landis&Staefa

    2000: Our company received ISO qualification

    2002: We were given the “SIEMENS Certified Equipment Manufacturer” title

    2003: We became official contractual partners of SIEMENS Building Technologies and SIEMENS Cerberus and both our companies switched to ISO9001:2000 certification

    2005: As a contractual partner for Schneider Electric’s building monitoring system, we were awarded the “Preferred Schneider Electric Service Partner” certification

    2006: We were accepted as the PLS (electrical monitoring system) partner of Schneider Electric

    2009: We expanded our service portfolio with the design, construction and maintenance of heat and smoke extraction (RWA) systems

    2013: Our company moved to a new location because our manufacturing and office departments had doubled

    2013: We undertake the execution of complete building electricity systems

    2014: We added thermal imaging diagnostics to our portfolio

    2015: Our office was expanded with an area of 270 m2, taking the total area to more than 1000 m2

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  • Creating “well-functioning industrial buildings”

    The building automation and building electrical systems designed, manufactured and executed by us are created according to the requirements of the time, using state-of-the-art technology, an environmentally conscious approach, low operating costs and long life. Our systems are designed to meet the needs of our customers in terms of design, appearance and operation.

    Our values:

    Speed… we manufacture our own automation and power equipment at our site and therefore we can provide fast, accurate and highly coordinated service.

    Reliability… we work exclusively with certified materials when designing our building automation systems and distribution boards.

    Warranty… we provide up to 5 years of warranty, in conditions of regular maintenance, for the systems we install.

    Well-functioning buildings in a fast and reliable service that includes warranty!

  • Because giving is good!

    We are 100% Hungarian owned and committed to corporate social responsibility. We believe that respecting ethical standards is a key element of our development.

    Cooperation and love will help us achieve everything we want

    As the core of our sponsorship strategy, we are pleased to be able to help improve the lives of sick children. Therefore, we have been proudly supporting the lives of young students of the Pető Institute’s Institute of Conductive Development for years. In addition to providing financial support for the events organized by the Pető Institute, such as Children's Day, charity auctions and sporting events, our staff makes sure that the children will find beautiful gifts under the Christmas tree every Christmas.

    We believe that the key to becoming a successful company is honoring and acknowledging the work of our colleagues. We strive to create pleasant and safe working conditions and a good mood for our employees. We are committed to putting the responsible employer concept into practice. Accordingly, we provide a comprehensive health care package for our employees. We regularly organize a number of events aimed at ensuring a great mood at work for our colleagues belonging to the X and the Y generation as well. Also, our family days contribute to the creation of an attractive, stable and family-friendly workplace.



Baranyai Géza
Géza Baranyai
Managing Director
Kovács Attila
Attila Kovács
Managing Director
Beleki Szilárd
Szilárd Beleki
Branch director
Faragó Csaba
Csaba Faragó
Sales director
Lukács Gábor
Gábor Lukács
Branch director
Miklós Tamás
Tamás Miklós
Head of service and maintenance
Polgár Tamás
Tamás Polgár
Technical leader

What people say about us

  • Precise professionals and work.
    László Lantos
    Lantos Design Kft.
    Professional knowledge within the area of expertise.
    János Koplányi
    FERCOM Ingatlan Kft.
    ELSZÖV’S newsletter is the only newsletter that I will not immediately delete.
    Balázs Márialigeti
    ENER-G Energia Technológia Zrt.
  • Fair and reliable service. They fulfill their duties to the best of their ability.
    Péter Szalai
    Vörösmarty Színház (Vörösmarty Theatre)
    The perfect choice.
    Anna Tanczerné Körmendi
    T-Ablak Kft.
    Reliable partner, good contacts, fair business partners. Helpful, accurate and forthcoming in talking about every detail.
    Tamás Bajusz
    Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ecology and Botany
  • They have considerable technical knowledge. Their team is helpful. They monitor new technologies and are the first to use them.
    István Nádasdy
    OTP Ingatlanüzemeltető Kft.
    A fast-growing company that offers high-quality services.
    György Fleischinger
    ABB Kft.
    It is an old-school specialist company, in the best sense of the word, offering high-quality services.
    Gábor Váradi
    Columbus Klímaproject Kft.
  • Our relationship goes back a long time and has always been successful.
    Sándor Demeter
    SzámHEAD Kft.
    ELSZÖV-Automatika Kft. has reliably fulfilled its contractual obligations for a long time. Flexible in terms of prices, deadlines and technical solutions.
    Imre Lovász
    OTP Bank Plc.
    Quality, professionalism, stability.
    Tamás Erhardt
    SIEMENS Plc.
  • Outstanding range of services in the building automation market.
    András Karai
    Mix-Air Kft.
    ELSZÖV-Automatika Kft. is a refreshing exception in today’s world. The professionals I have contacted during my work meet all expectations. While working together, my experience was that people were happy to collaborate and were exceedingly creative.
    Ferenc Wild
    Knorr-Bremse Kft.
    Innovative, reliable, accurate and professional.
    Tibor Kozma
    Kozma Kft.