• Cooperative training
  • Trainee program
  • Do you want to gain insight into the day-to-day life of an organization, while learning from open-minded, professionally-trained and experienced colleagues, and even get paid for it? If yes, join our professional team!

    We have several colleagues who joined us after taking part in training. We are proud of having them in our team. Get to know them better!

    Kristóf Kostka

    „I studied Electrical Engineering at the Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Óbuda University, and then I applied for a position at Elszöv-Automatika Kft. as part of a cooperative training.

    From day one, I was able to gain practical experience at the company, which greatly facilitated my understanding of the theoretical knowledge I learned at the university. In my initial position as a project assistant, I received maximum support from my mentor. My questions were always answered patiently and satisfactorily. In this environment, it was natural to support each other, making us feel every day that we were all working for mutual success.

    Why do I think it was a good decision that I chose this company as part of the cooperative training?
    • I received a lot of material and professional support when writing my thesis, facilitating my progress
    • my employment was fully adapted to my university studies
    • I was able to complete a master's degree in the context of a study contract
    • the environment, the professional challenges and the opportunity to move forward made it clear to me that I wanted to work here in the long run
    • ever since I graduated from university and passed my state exam, the company has continued to provide me with continuous development opportunities, and even offered me the software engineering position I hold today”

    Gábor Lukács

    „Looking back over the past 10 years, I have had the fantastic opportunity of getting practical training at Elszöv in the context of cooperative education, in addition to my college studies. My career path, which is full of professional opportunities and challenges, is proof of how to get from theory to practical success.”

    Gábor Lukács
    Implementation Business Unit, Director

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  • Are you in high school, studying to become an electronics technician, and don't have an internship yet? Don’t hesitate – apply now!

    In the framework of a cooperation agreement, you will have the opportunity to acquire your practical training at our company, where you will learn valuable, useful practical knowledge from qualified and professionally recognized colleagues.

    Why become a trainee at us?
    • we have our own workshop
    • our young and cheerful team has been working together for years and is now waiting for you
    • you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and learn from our dedicated mentor
    • you will have the opportunity to continue working at us after finishing your traineeship, get to know other professional areas and build a career
    Why choose us?
    • because we are a Hungarian-owned company, on the market for more than 25 years, and a leading actor in the field of industrial building automation
    • because we are constantly evolving, we are open to new technologies and we work with high-quality tools that you will come across from day one
    • because we are committed to protecting our environment, which is a key priority for us during construction
    • because our company is a training place registered at the Chamber, which has allowed us to receive students and gain the appropriate experience in this field

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